Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Gnome A Day- Day 126

Man oh man, am I tired! Sheet rocking the mediation studio yesterday plus mudding and taping, etc. plus all that running back and forth with errands to pull all the ingredients together, it was a good 14 hours of work! Today, more mudding but mostly focusing on all the trim we missed the first time we painted our little cottage- namely the second story trim and eaves. Then, it was the porch railings and spindles and that was so much work that by the end, I was covered with white primer, hot and sort of cranky.
Tomorrow will be a day of painting over that primer and hopefully adding second coats so I can claim that the house is done- at least in that regard.
So, tonight, I crept on to the bed, folded two loads of laundry and eyed my felting kit. What kind of gnome would it be? A baby? A mergnome? I even had the fleeting thought "No gnome?" but I can't even really entertain that idea since no day is truly complete without a gnome so I decided to challenge myself with a small gnome- a jolly fellow a little shorter than the average.
So, here he is- Day 126- a perpetual smiler and so helpful you don't even have time to ask before he has the job done and made you a cup of tea to boot- he is a charmer but in the most sincerest of ways.....

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