Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 145 (a no show)


Ah yes! I know for sure that there was no gnome on this day. How do I know? Because the reason there isn't a gnome is because my arms were so sore that I could not even hold a fork. I had put in a porch floor (about 5 hours or so) and then rubbed stain into that same floor (another 4 hours) and my arms hurt so badly that I had to make a choice to skip the gnome for medical reasons. I knew that if I pushed myself any further I may not be able to physically make a gnome for days so I let my poor arms rest.

Instead of a gnome photo, I will share with you a photo of the work I did to the porch. Thanks to the mill down the road I was able to purchase the pine for the floor for $20- yes, only $20. And the stain was an oops paint from Home Depot for $7, this is our $27 floor (not counting the nails- we had those).

There is no gnome for May 25, 2014

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