Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day- Day 18

For a woman who grew up with very little television and then didn't have one for many, many years and raised her children without one in the house for most of the last seventeen years, it is funny for me to think about how Saturday has become British Sitcom Night for us and Sunday is Downton Abbey night. I have been a big fan of this show since it started four years ago. 
I was the girl reading Gone with the Wind in seventh grade and then moving on without any prompting to every old, classic I could get my hands on. Jane Austen was a favorite and the Bronte sisters. I used to proclaim that I was born in the wrong century. I am, most definitely a very romantic person but I combat that with a knee-jerk realist side that can get in the way sometimes.
So, sitting there last night with my mom knitting a pair of gorgeous socks in one second hand chair and me making a gnome in the old blue chair I got at an auction, felt like a very lovely way to end the visit. While we watched the new chapter of Downton unfold, we both worked on a project dear to us.

This fellow, I suspect, tends to laugh- a lot. I think he tends to burst into gales of the stuff when those around him least expect it and once started, he can't stop until the laughter runs its course.....

This gnome was made January 18, 2015

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