Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Adjustment- Wait, Where's Day 203?

There is a certain amount of fallibility in being a human. 

This is something we all know, of course-- and today I discovered a mistake. 

Because I am not a particularly mathematically, sequentially- minded person who could figure out where the error occurred, I am going to make an adjustment instead of possibly drive myself crazy trying to find the error (with my current schedule I might go crazy-- or, rather, crazier :)

Somewhere- I suspect it was during vacation or somewhere in recent weeks- I must have missed or skipped a day. I don't recall this happening but I periodically check a website to see if my Day #'s line up with the correct Day #'s of the year (i.e. that Day #100 is, in fact, the 100th day of the year). Apparently, somewhere since the last time I checked and now, I am off by one day. I really think it happened while I was road tripping but I am not sure. So this is an adjustment post to correct the missing Day #.

Day 202 should be Day 203- that's what I understand so that means that posts from this point forward will be corrected and perhaps someday I will get my mathematically, logically-minded brother to run through this and find the error.....

As I have said so many times in my life (and will likely continue to say): "If there's one thing I seem to be good at, it's being human- so very human.....mistakes and bumbles, trips and falls and all....."

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  1. Ah, another human! Enjoying reading your posts and loving the few gnomes I've made since seeing you demonstrate at the Windsor Fairgrounds.