Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day- Day 3

This is yet another gnome who will be living here. It is a rare, rare thing for me to keep my work but it has begun to happen more often. Sometimes something either speaks to me or ends up making its way into my heart. It always feels a little funny to keep my own work- as if somehow the act of doing so is somehow immodest. And yet, I hold to the idea that the art I make is not entirely of me. I am somehow a vehicle for creative energy in the air and it mixes within me and out comes a little dose of me wrapped up with all that free wheeling creativity that travels the world on invisible wings.
This is why EVERYONE is an artist. The definition is not nearly as definitive as people think.
That's what this gnome does- he makes you think again, contemplate and truly exam whether or not things are the way they seem. Handy fellow to have around....

This gnome was made January 3, 2015

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