Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day- Day 5 (a no show)

Yes, you can ask if I am insane. First because I make gnomes and then because I didn't make gnomes-  twice! In a row! At the beginning of the year! What the heckaroni!!
Yes, it's true. No gnome for yet another day. I admit it! 
I was not in the mood. 
Okay, let me clarify that. I was not in the mood for anything. Crying maybe, but not being creative. It was as if all the boisterous joy I experienced in those first few days drained from my body leaving me empty.
I know that a gnome made on this day and yesterday would have refilled me. I know this truth the same way that I know that I love homemade sausage biscuits with grape jelly-- and tortilla chips with lots of meat and vegetables and too much real cheese and far too much guacamole- once a month. It has become a truth, a quirk in the workings that make up me: Jessica. 
So, on this day, when I skipped it- again- it was because of a lack of enthusiasm, not because I don't still find the peace of mind and sense of tiny accomplishment from making these little gnomes.
I suppose that will be my legacy- tiny little gnomes scattered out across the land, hopefully making people smile. Every. Single. Day.

There is no gnome for January 5th 2015

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