Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 93

Yet again this morning I couldn't seem to quite wake up, there was a dragging involved in getting myself up. I vaguely remembering going downstairs but I was fully awake when I found my eldest daughter on the sofa, smiling, dog in arms, "I've been up since 4am." She said with an impressive degree of enthusiasm and pep.

I nodded and started on my workout while she pointed out that she had swept the kitchen floor (bless her!) and asked if I had read the book she started writing that she carefully left for me on the coffee table. I apologized for not having finished it and promised her that I would soon. I did my workout and then it was time for a gnome.

While the house woke up all around me- my son heading off to school, my daughters trickling down one by one to start their homeschool day and my husband smiling and making coffee in a coffee press that I still have not made a cozy for- I felted a gnome. Another girl because it seems to be a strange but constant affliction to lessen the gnome gender gap I seem to have created. I chose a mustard yellow that I only have a little bit of but find to be such a fantastic color that, like the pale turquoisy blue, I can't get enough of it and then I went ahead and polka dotted it. I just had to see the white dots on that mustard color. I had to, I tell you!

Then I settled her into one of the new indoor gardens our family created and went to take a photo with one of the newly charged cameras. The first one is our old but well-loved Nikon D30 and it became apparent that after all these years it needs a good cleaning and tune up since no matter what I tried it would not focus and I seem to be terrible at manual focus. Then I grabbed the point and shoot pocket camera that I had just charged and low and behold the battery was dead- again!! Foiled in my initial efforts, I put the cameras aside, put the dead battery in the charger and sat down to write out this gnome's arrival in the world.

She is hearty and full of love. I am certain she believes in all that is good and bringing that forward into the world. She is generous and kind and loves Lily of the Valley and Jack in the Pulpit......

made April 3, 2014

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