Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 92

This morning felt like one of those mornings when you can't quite rally the troops. In my case I was the entire troop to which I refer. I was so tired and the very thought of rising from the bed felt overwhelmingly difficult. I actually huffed in frustration when the alarm clock went off for the second time. That is very unlike my normal self.

I got up, did my workout and then gnomed it up. I have to say the very act of making this morning's gnome stilled me and changed the energy of the day. I was able to recharge myself a bit and feel renewed.

This girl gnome (yes, I'm back to girls) is very very quiet, in fact, I believe that she is silent. I believe she this particular gnome uses her energy to help positive shifts occur for other living creatures. Her mere presence prompts positive shift and on days where you just can't motivate, this can be a priceless gift!

made April 2, 2014

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