Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 125

It's rather late for a gnome but I only realized as I started to drift off to sleep on the couch that I hadn't made a gnome yet! Usually it is in my morning rhythm to make a gnome but owing to some shifts in our household dynamics and schedule, my morning was slightly wonky today and that had a domino effect. Then there was the blaring sinus headache that kept me distracted and light headed and a full work schedule and by the time 9:00pm had rolled around I was ready for some serious shut eye. That's when it hit me- no gnome of the day. So I had a choice: I could write off the day and say that it was too full and overwhelming (which is valid) for me to gnome it up or I could try to pull together enough energy to make a gnome and add that small accomplishment to this odd, slightly disjointed day.

You can tell by this post what I chose. I didn't go full force and make a full grown gnome. No way. I made a gnomeling. He is spunky and sweet and eager to learn the way of forest, meadow and garden but for now he will tuck in for cuddles and observe the world around him.

made May 5, 2014

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