Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 153 (a no show)

I hate to appear as if there is a pattern but there is another no show. June 2, was rather brutal when it comes to exhaustion. I was so tired I considered canceling my appoitnments- something I have done only twice in the last 10 months- both times for illness. But I didn't and I powered through and kept the positivity going as strong as I could all day.

After an unexpected but solid 16 hours of work, I made the choice not to make a gnome. I was so tired that the children generously offered to cook- and did an excellent job- and I lay on the couch in a semi-conscious state and visited with them through nods, grunts and smiles. When we had eaten I was able to go face down into the void of sleep and it was MARVELOUS. I rarely get to use that word so I will say it again- it was MARVELOUS.

There is no gnome for June 2, 2014 but there was sleep and that, my friends is worthy of gratitude- so much gratitude....

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