Friday, June 27, 2014

Adventures in Acadia

For a little change of pace, I wanted to tell a story. It is a true story about the photoshoot on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.
I needed a break and with my felting kit in the truck and my husband at the wheel we headed north to Acadia with the knowledge that nature has an infinite ability to heal.
After hiking quite a bit and gazing out at the ocean, we drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain to look out over the magnitude of natural beauty. I decided that in this place, I would do a gnome photo shoot and pulled out the gnomes that had been made but kept zipped up in my kit, unphotographed, unlisted, just waiting for their own blog posts.

At first I thought the wind was going to be the biggest challenge-- but that was before I saw the seagull eyeing the gnomes as they lay still awaiting their turn in front of the camera on the granite block.

The seagull landed to inspect what I was doing:

Deciding that it might be tasty, whatever it was, it got closer:

And even closer:

  A crowd of spectators gathered and my husband ran seagull interference while laughing pretty hard so I could finish up the photo shoot. We even repositioned the gnomes only to find that the seagull repositioned as well and decided to come up from behind, at first pretending that it wasn't interested:

And then just moving closer, this time showing us the drool. Yes, the seagull was actually salivating at the thought of a tasty woolen gnome:

In the end, I lined the gnomes up and the seagull came over to my other side and began walking quickly towards the pile of gnomes with intent so I snapped one last photo, gathered up the gnomes and put them safely back in my kit.

 Though I didn't want any of them to be taken, I did tell my husband that if it did end up happening I was going to need to make sure I got a photo-- As the gnome, held tightly in the beak of a seagull flew high, out over the bay to a home I could only imagine. 
As it turned out, they all made it safely home but, oh, what an adventure it was!!

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