Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 285

Today there was a birthday in our home. My youngest celebrated her birth over a decade ago now (where did the time go?) and as I usually do on birthdays, I asked her what colors I should make her gnome. She thought about this for a while- she is a rather thoughtful sort of soul- and said, "Momma, I want red, orange and yellow- in whatever order you choose." And when I asked if it should be a boy or a girl, she quickly said, "Oh, a girl!" and so it is.
This is the little girl gnome that I tried to cram light and fun and love and joy and smiles and sunshine into when I created her. So, here she is, a bright little birthday gnome for a bright little birthday girl......

This gnome was made October 12, 2014

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