Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 304

It occurred to me as my children prepare for dressing up (a past time that was always a favorite in our house and becomes more rare as time goes by) that the gnome of the day should also dress up. There is that moment in childhood where the trunk of dress ups is a daily piece in the scheme of things. One moment fairy wings, the next a feather boa and the next a cape. So today, when we get to officially dress up I figured the gnome should too. So I dressed him in oranges and green and then added black pointy ears and a tail.-- That took some doing, let me tell you! I not only felted but there was a little needle and thread action just to make sure that the ears and tail would stay. I think he's a cat. 

What ever he is dressed as, he is impish and silly and witty and wise and inspires cheer and goodwill where ever he goes....

This gnome was made October 31, 2014

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