Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 359

At first glance, someone might wonder why a gnome made on Christmas day is not wearing more traditional holiday colors. We are an eclectically blended family who always try to come from a place of love, peace and light and we like to celebrate as often as possible with a myriad of holidays throughout the year blended into a giant pot of life celebration. 
Seventeen years ago (though that does not seem possible) on Christmas day, a beloved soul was born into our family. He is quite a magical soul who brings laughter, light and a gift for extreme empathy and love into this world. And on his birthday, while we were watching his requested movie: The Lord of the Rings (first movie) and eating beef stroganoff over french fries (again his request- a sort of poutine/stroganoff combo thing) followed by his requested birthday cake: chocolate gluten-free rice crispy treat two layer with gluten-free vanilla frosting, I made his birthday gnome. I asked him what he would like and this was his request- well, the clothing part. I added the red beard.
This gnome is like the boy-becoming-man that he celebrates- full of laughter and love and a deep well of empathy and light....

This gnome was made December 25, 2014 

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