Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day - Day 1

You may have thought that once I ended the year that I had stopped this crazy daily gnome-making business- but I haven't. I assure you.
2015 came in with candles lit in the quiet of the night and a bonfire in the backyard and a Swedish candle lit out there as well. I poured a lot of good energy into it as I am apt to do as someone who one might refer to as "granola"-  if you live here or "crunchy" or "woo-woo" if you live in a myriad of other places. I am woo-woo. I always have been so infusing the beginning of the year with good strong energy and intention is important in the rainbow world I like to dwell in.
And that is how this year kicked off. In light, in warmth and in hope....
This gnome is a girl, like the wise crone that tucked 2014 in, this crone brings new hope and life with the advent of 2015.....

This gnome was made January 1, 2015

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