Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oh Gnome You Didn't!! (An In Between Post)

Oh yes. I did.
I took a very long break from posting. 
But I had to.

My studio is in the midst of an overhaul. I'm sure when some artists say this it means that they are painting or renovating or some such fun but with me it's that my studio- which is massive and not entirely finished (yet!- one must always hope!)- is not quite where it needs to be. It is a creative space and as much as I want it in some selfish way to be mine, I also want to share it. I want to share it far more than I want it for myself. Creativity breeds more creativity. Art breeds more art. You get the picture.
 So, there will be homeschool things finding their way in here and a better sewing space set up and an area for painting because we love that too. There's some rearranging to do and then we will have a studio and creative space available yet again-- and that is where the computer is- the one that I blog from. Plus, it's cold. It was 9 degrees outside when I looked at the thermostat at noon today. 9 degrees, people. The studio is not cold but it's cool - I'm not speaking figuratively. 
So, I've been MIA but the gnomes have not. No way! They've been here- partying like they tend to do while I walk around and scratch my head about where to put what and how to make this FLOW....
And then I went on vacation. What a much needed and wonderful trip to visit family!!! This is one of the best things about that move across country- family!
And there were more gnomes.
So, brace yourselves because there is about to be an ONSLAUGHT of BACKED UP gnome postings.
Don't say I didn't warn you.....

The gnome in the photo is one of my travel gnomes and this was an adventure we took in the fall. At the moment there is no green here- just mountains- about 10 feet tall in some areas- of snow....

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