Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day- Day 63

I had a gnome planned out for yesterday. 
I could see him in my head and he was quite a funkadelic little fellow!
Having lived in Portland, Oregon for so long, I have particular fondness for March Fourth Marching Band- they are a wonderful and very unique experience- hula hoops, music, stilts, costumes, a vintage fire truck- wonderful! And well, yesterday was March 4th. SO, I couldn't help but think........

Yesterday we studied the digestive system for our homeschool science focus and then we ran errands. We saw horses and visited with a couple of mini mares with a friend and then headed home.

I went to the studio to send off an email when my middle child came up to let me know that my youngest was violently ill. Since she had been fine all day and full of energy even half an hour before this seemed very odd. 

Chaos did not instantaneously ensue but there was a some scurrying as my husband walked in the door almost at exactly that time and we made the decision for him to stay with the littlest while I headed out to watch our oldest daughter's play performance. 

Once home from that fabulous performance, I took over with the littlest and proceeded to sit next to her all night long. There was little to no sleep for either her or I but this is the work of motherhood.
Rubbing her back and letting her know that she is safe and loved was what she needed most of all. It was a very long night. 

So there isn't a gnome, despite seeing him in my mind, jolly and laughing and riding a unicycle - hehehehe. Perhaps, he will end up being today's gnome instead or perhaps someone else will arrive for this full moon.....

Here's to hoping that my littlest is truly on the mend and that we both get a nice long nap today! Because above all else, that is the most important and she seems to be on the mend.

There is no gnome for March 4th, 2015 but I strongly suspect that I won't be waiting long to make one for today!!

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