Monday, March 2, 2015

The Gnome-Files? Installment #1

I recently received an email from a friend who adopted a gnome. This particular friend has always been a HUGE fan of The X-Files and happens to have a Fox Mulder action figure that is occasionally used to play "Hide the Mulder". This simply entails someone in the house hiding him and the other members of the household trying to figure out where he is. Is he behind the couch? Under the dog bed? In a plant? You just never know!

I received an email from her with this photo. She was unsure which member of the household was responsible for the antics.

My questions were:

1. What did Mulder do to be attacked by a gnome?
2. Are they playing a drinking game?
3. Are they singing YMCA?

She was unsure of what their motives were supposed to be but the antics continue. 

As they do, I will be posting them up here on the blog under the heading you see at the top of this page. Just a little fun.

Who knew after searching for aliens for so long that Fox Mulder's biggest discovery would be a woolen gnome (who is proportionally really a giant).....

What do you think?
Leave your ideas in a comment below :-)

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