Monday, March 16, 2015

The Gnome-Files? Installment #3

I feel particularly luck because I received two pictures for this week's installment! But now, there are even more questions. 
If you have not been following the journey, you can read more about The Gnome-Files? in this post.

After their apparent struggles, Fox Mulder A.F. (A.F. stands for Action Figure, of course!) and the gnome seem to have become fond of each other. 
Or have they?

Here are my questions this week:

1. Have they found true love?
2. Has Mulder decided to become a gnome daddy?
3. Is this a ploy by the gnome to distract Mulder so he can escape?
4. Have they discovered they are long lost brothers?

Will we ever know the truth? 
I mean, really, is it out there?

What are your questions?

Post them below in the comment!

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