Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day- Day 112

Sometimes a gnome comes along and he or she just needs a little something extra. That's how this one was. He needed me to add a little extra color to his hat. That teal and the yummy olive green needed to be on his red hat- they needed to be there. 
He's a poet. 
I know this as surely as I know that the "maa-ing" of my goats makes my heart fill with joy - as certain as I know that my eyes fill with tears of gratitude when I hear the call of a Canada Goose.
He is full of an eloquence and grace that is magical to behold.....

This gnome was made on April 22nd, 2015

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  1. Adorable! I am utterly enchanted with your book and your gnomes! I have been reading and looking at the book very slowly so I can savor it all! It's all just wonderful. I haven't been so smitten with a book, or a notion such as this, in a very long time. Thank you for your inspiration. And I have to say it is so sweet of you to include instructions in the book (I peeked in the back). I can't wait to felt a gnome! <3