Friday, May 1, 2015

I Had to Do SOMETHING - Gnomes for Nepal

I had to do something- SOMETHING- to help the victims of the earthquake.

How many times has something devastating happened somewhere in the world and I've cried and wondered what I could do?
How can I make the world a better place?
How can I help others?
And in those moments I freeze because I can't find a path to help, I can't see what I can do- only what I can't. Help. Help. I must help- that's all I hear followed quickly by:
Besides sending out love like a beacon into the universe, I am not sure how else I can help.

But this morning, over breakfast, I looked at the food that I had and I remembered food insecurity (in my family's recent history) and I realized that I had clean water and my heart just hurt like hell because I couldn't bring these things to the victims of the earthquake. I couldn't just fly over there and bring them what they need, help the sick and wounded and help rebuild what they have lost. 

And in all this, I found myself thinking: "I make gnomes. How can that help? It can't! I'm not a doctor, I don't have money and gnomes can't help!"

And then I stopped.
Maybe they can.
I make gnomes and I sell gnomes and maybe that money can go towards help. Maybe I fuel relief with gnomes. That gnome money can fund help, supplies and many other efforts to bring relief.

So there are now Gnomes for Nepal. 
All proceeds from each gnome will go to UNICEF and their efforts to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. 

There is a section in my shop currently set up called GNOMES for NEPAL, please check it out and see if there is a little gnome you'd like to bring home and in doing so help fund relief efforts in Nepal. 

You can donate directly to UNICEF's relief efforts by visiting them online here:

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