Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day - Days 169, 170, 171, 172 & 173

This is certainly not your "average" gnome a day post. 
Sometimes, I'm so full of love and gratitude that I burst into sobs. I really, truly do. I love my family and love so many people around me and I truly wish to send that abundance of love out into the world because we need more love. MORE LOVE. Seriously.
So, I started a whole new "line" of gnomes. "Line" doesn't seem the right term. These are gnomes of diversity, family gnomes- gnomes to reflect the incredibly beautiful rainbow that this planet holds.
These are gnome families. So many different kinds of families exist in this world. Just think of how many ways we can create family, bringing people together with love, pure, true love.
So a while ago I started making gnomes and, recently, my gnomes of the day were gnomelings. I made one and then many in a day until I felt these first families were ready. 
I admit that I am no longer sure which gnomeling was made on which day but I can assure you that a gnome was made every day.
So, here are families- full of love and goodwill and we must ask ourselves whether we are truly full of love and goodwill as we walk through our days. Do we truly send out love into every nook and cranny; every dark corner, radiating forth a peaceful existence based on love.....

These gnomelings were made between June 18th and June 23rd, 2015


  1. So beautiful!

    I saw your gnomes at Port Fiber on the weekend. I too am still gnoming :-) Mine take two days lately so it's a gnome every 2 days.

    Your spirit is so beautiful and inspiring, I hope to see you again soon - at the very least, at Commonground though I know you will be a spectator there to truly enjoy it..

    (By the way...I'm the mushroom a day girl converted to gnomes!)

    1. Hello Lynn, I am so glad you are still making gnomes!! That is wonderful! Thank you so much for your kind words. It really was wonderful to receive this comment- what a spirit booster! I certainly hope we see each other again- I'd love to do some felting together. I will be fiendishly felting in August and would love to meet up and felt if you have time. Just let me know. You can email me through my website and we can figure out a time if that works. And yes to Common Ground Fair! I can't wait. It is one of my favorite times of year! Happy Summer :-)

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