Friday, November 20, 2015

There Be Changes Here- Coming 2016!!

You may have been wondering what on earth is going on with this gnomey blog. 

I would like to be updating it regularly but with some unexpected adjustments in our home and on the family front, I have let go of that updating piece of bloggy-goodness and I've been sticking to tending the growing needs of my sweet kiddos, the animals, making art and creating those daily gnomes that keep me sane. 

There are changes coming to the blog- they won't be too overwhelming (I hope) but I have long had a hankering for a new approach to the blogging piece; a new way of going through this blogging experience.

If you want to keep track of daily gnomes, I often post them on Instagram which you can either follow me on by clicking here OR you can visit me here on the blog and look at the recent photos that scroll by on the right in my Instagram feed. There is also the option of visiting my website where you can also see my gallery and check out recent Instagram-ed gnomes. 

I know, that isn't quite as rockin' as sitting down and creating a blog post with clearer, higher quality photos and a little bit about that particular gnome. But I have had to make some time choices and the daily gnome (of course) had to stay in tact while I had to make a choice about the blogging. That said-- I have something in the works for a new (and improved?) blog in 2016. I'll announce it once I've got things up and running.

In the meantime, you can always email or peruse the archives of gnomes, knowing that everyday (well, pretty much) I sit down and make that daily gnome to lift me up, settle my soul and keep my rhythm.......

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