Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 101

It's Day 101, already??!! That is truly amazing to me. Just think, 101 days ago we were just beginning this new year and not sure what would lie ahead- not that we ever truly know what lies ahead but still- I think a moment to reflect is definitely in order. What have you accomplished? What has your journey this year looked like? Who have you become with the passing of each day?

This gnome, he's a sweet fellow. In fact, I think he is true sweetness all 'round- and he came out with lots of pink and purple. I've never been one to dress my children in pink for girls and blue for boys, I haven't had them wear clothing styles pre-determined ago be socially accepted as "male" or "female".  I was much more of a "express yourself!" kind of momma type. And this morning when the colors of pink and purple spoke to me, I knew that it wasn't a girl, not this one, this was a boy with the vibrance of smiling tulips and the depth of Charmed Wine oxalis. This sweet gnome is the essence of hope.....

made April 11, 2014

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