Thursday, May 15, 2014

An In Between Post About the Developing Gnome Clan

As you may know, the last 7 days have been dedicated to this urge to create a whole gnome clan. This morning, I laid them all out to look at far they've come and to see if we need more for this family.-- I feel that we do and I know where to head with that now which is wonderful!

I started clicking away with the camera and here they all are.

(Yes, I do realize that when I made the pregnant momma I used the wrong yellow- hers is less earthy and a little more sunlight-ish. I am working to let go of that mistake, I was pretty frustrated when I discovered the error but I had the two yellows in the lamp light and I only looked quickly at the gnome from the day before and then jumped in more focused on the idea of a pregnant gnome. I'm going to go ahead and say her yellow is lighter because she is pregnant and glowing :-).

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