Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 291 (a no show)

You'd think after the previous day I would jump on that gnome BUT- yes, more adventure arrived and I went with the flow. First a local parent weekend and then cleaning for the happy arrival of wonderful friends from Acadia National Park. So, it was time to make chicken makhani and Thai coconut curry soup with lemon grass (not made by me, mind you- that would surely be a disaster!) and make sure we had enough beds set up and ready.
There was quite a whirlwind and then they arrived!! So then it was soaking in all that wonderful conversation and energy before everyone left this afternoon. Up late playing Dix It and laughing and then watching The Story of Stuff to re-inspire creativity and consciousness.
Wonderful souls to share time with, all of them ready to set off on new adventures after a summer spent rehabilitating the amazingly gorgeous trails in Acadia National Park. 
Next time you visit the park, please note that those granite steps and lovely trails were created by hand and placed by hand by people who were deeply invested in the reality that their work would be there for generations to come. Such works of art nestled into the even more amazing works of art that Mother Nature provides with such overwhelming grace.....

There is no gnome for October 18, 2014

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