Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 293

I had the good luck to visit with all those fabulous people this weekend and one of them was a photographer! Hooray! Let me tell you, taking photos is a challenge for me. I struggle with lighting and then there are all those settings and abbreviations on the camera and I push and click and try different things and then I want to cry. Because the light is too dark or too orange or too bright or the gnome is blurry or the camera only wants to focus on a leaf in the corner and I can't seem to get it right BUT thanks to a certain V.T. I may be able to make some improvements. Only time will tell.

Here is a sweet girl gnome- in pants because I couldn't help it. She just seemed like she wouldn't want a dress or skirt on. I believe her to be outspoken and strong willed. Someone who will fight for her beliefs and study carefully always seeking to know more about this world.....

This gnome was made October 20, 2014

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