Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 295

Okay so there's been a bit of a girl gnome-kick going on here in the studio but today that ends- okay, not really. After all, girls rock! But I had to make a boy this time. I just did. I've been fighting headaches and digestive issues that seem to have appeared out of no where so I've been struggling to make that gnome of the day as well as finding a diet (the true meaning of the word- not weight loss) that can help settle my whole body into a better, healthier place.
This fellow came along and I couldn't help but smile. There is something about him that says, "Drink a cup of tea. Take a deep breath. All will be well." And, quite frankly, I need that right now. 
All will be well is something that we all need to hear sometimes so perhaps, this fellow is the All-Will-Be-Well Gnome....

This gnome was made October 22, 2014

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