Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 296

I have a thing about those polka dots- I do! 

Today is one of those stormy days in Maine where the wind blows mightily and you are inevitably surprised that your house does not shake and rock like a boat on waves or leave its foundation behind with some of those powerful gusts. The rain is quite heavy but the energy that surges around with this kind of storm is undeniable. I feel torn between donning the flowered rubber boots my mother handed down to me and running willy-nilly through the gales laughing and yelling- and settling in with my spinning wheel (or felting supplies) next to our Kitchen Queen cook stove while the cats take refuge in the warmth below the stove and the children read and work on their Main Lesson Books.

But, instead, I am doing neither- at least for now. Instead I am in the studio at the tip top of the house where I spend portions of my days working on custom orders, gnomes, wool paintings and more. Sometimes a cat will wander up to look at me and sometimes a child will join me but I have precious time up here in this, my very first real studio. I am still planning out the storage for all this wool that is not only practical and wards off any wayward wool moths that may wander this way but storage that is also aesthetically pleasing. I have a few ideas but will need to manifest the funding (isn't that so often the case?). 

Anyway, in this studio where I hope to invite many friends and children up to make oodles of art some day, I made an afternoon gnome. Even as I type this, I can hear the wind whipping around and the rain on the roof.

Today's gnome has some serious power about him. He is fueled by that wind and rain and the storm but in a beautiful and positive way. He is ready to go out and do good things and help change the world into a better place. Can anyone really ask for more?

This gnome was made October 23, 2014

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