Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 A Gnome A Day- Day 347 (a no show)

Okay, I admit it- I feel guilty about the gnome of the day yesterday. He didn't get made because I decided to try my hand at painting. I've never really done it, you see. I had to do it in school but I didn't like it. I can't control that paint, I can't make it work the way I want it to and it means I have to let go, damn it! That's hard to do. But over the last six months there's been a "welling" of painting energy building up. At first I ignored it, I didn't want the frustration of it but then it became impossible to ignore. So, yesterday when I was out and about I bought a pad of watercolor paper to use with my acrylics and a pencil because I tend to break "art rules" (are there really any art rules?? The idea seems to go against the nature of what art really is) and I came home and painted for several hours. Here are four of the six paintings I did. I can't post the others because they deeply frustrate me with the way they turned out.

So, no, there's no gnome, he was overshadowed by a sudden desperate need to paint- animals (and a part of a hand- boy, that sounds morbid doesn't it?)

There is no gnome for December 13, 2014

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