Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 A Gnome A Day - Day 154 (a no show)

I cannot in any way deny that it completely frustrates me to say that there is NO gnome for June 3rd!
Grr!! I am very frustrated.
You see, I woke up feeling under the weather and I took it easy in the morning, ran some errands, had a lovely interview with a reporter from the Bangor Daily News for an article coming out on the book on June 5th, 2015. Then, in the afternoon, I felt sure that if I napped, I would wake rested and feeling recovered. So, I slept. For almost four hours and when I woke up I discovered that I felt worse
That is so unusual that I put myself back to bed and slept- not so fitfully- through the night. 
The good news is that I woke this morning feeling a little tired but better- thank goodness! And I continued to feel better as the day went on. I got to cuddle the sheep and make some new wool paintings and list the back log of gnomes. All good!
So, there's no gnome for June 3rd (annoyingly enough) because I slept and slept and tried to heal myself up for this big weekend.
But today? Oh yes, there WILL be a gnome! In fact, I'm off to make her right now.... well, maybe a her.... I don't always know until I get started..... 
Oh that wool- it has a mind of it's own!

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