Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 Gnomes of the Day

I can't seem to get things going. Wait- that certainly isn't phrased correctly! I can't seem to get my butt in gear with my camera and track the gnomes. These gnomes that are continuing to keep me sane as things pick up speed and we head back into homeschooling and events and schedules. Time seems a little less fluid and the daylight fades much quicker making me feel that there is a little less time in a day.

But I am making these gnomes every day and they are keeping me happy and sane in moments when I feel overwhelmed or sad or full of anxiety about what might or might not be next. There is so much to hold sometimes and our lives change like seasons.

Now, things are beginning to settle and gnomes are made daily (and are too often lost and put aside and confused with other gnomes as they giggle and set up shop together all over the studio and house).

I love these gnomes. 
They truly do change my days. 
They change me and they make me still my soul and breathe for that daily moment of creation and sacred space.

Thank you hands.
Thank you wool (and sheep!).
Thank you heart.
Thank you felting needles.
Thank you gnomes!

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