Sunday, August 3, 2014

For the Common Good

I recently had the opportunity to stay on the Seawall in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine for two nights. It was an amazing experience. We live a rather simple life on our little homestead so this little excursion was done simply too. Just being on the island feels decadent. 
There was no wining. No dining- well, just a quick stop at a place in town with new friends. And lots of walking, hiking and some simple cooking and a potluck. And in the mornings we visited the amazing and wonderful Common Good Cafe and Soup Kitchen. 
In an effort to provide good food, nutritional education and an opportunity for a community to come together, the Common Good was born. It is run entirely by volunteers.
You walk in where you are met by a smiling volunteer who asks if you have ever visited before. If you haven't they explain that they have oatmeal and fresh popovers and coffee and juice and you just pay what you can afford. 
The Common Good is in an old restaurant overlooking the Seawall and ocean and the ambiance is almost like a co-op- it has that sort of feel to me. Happy and thriving- and lovely good smells mixed with a touch of sea air. It is clean and off hand you would think it was a more traditional wonderful thriving cafe where everyone in town likes to hang out. There's even wi-fi.
They have live music from locals and others and people get up and dance. There's a ukelele group that gets together on Sundays. No one is left out so you are given a true sense of community.
I wish every town had something like this.
What a gift to see a community come together with such force and joy and sense of unity- and they welcome you in too. So next time you are in the area, head to the Seawall and look for the signs in the parking lot of the Seawall Motel. The door is red (good energy) and the people are friendly and you can experience an amazing bowl of oatmeal and for those who can have gluten - fresh, hot popovers. 

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